Reef Rover 050

reef-rover3 reef-rover1 reef-rover2


  • Tier 2,3 – 4 Engine options available
  • Onboard Oil Filtration Pump & Filter for Hydraulic oil filling
  • ISRT T – Back Seats with Aircraft type seat belts
  • 4 Wheel Drive – permanent
  • Leaf Spring Suspension – front & back
  • Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers
  • Articulated Steering with Twin, Single-acting Steering Cylinder
  • Hydrostatic Transmission with Variable Displacement Pump and motor. Automotive Displacement Control
  • Heavy duty UVB 60 Full Floating Axles with Oil Cooled, Multi-disc SAHR Brake Mounted on each wheel (2 per axle)
  • 24-volt Electricity system (Mining Standards)
  • Heavy Duty Mining Tyres (BKT Minestar)
  • Heavy duty 3-piece Mining Rim (Inward facing Locking Ring)
  • Auto apply Parking Brakes applies automatically when
    doors are open, Neutral is selected or insufficient Brake release pressure occurs
  • ProtecFire Automatic Fire Suppression system with Auto Battery Disconnect Switch
  • LED Hella High Power working lights – front & rear
  • Navigation lights – Front & rear LED type
  • Reverse Modulated Service Brakes with Single Line design
  • Positive Brake Flushing and Cooling with Filtration
  • Full Murphy Engine Protection System with Engine Shut down when fault is detected
  • Heavy Duty Drive Shafts with Greaseable Universal Joints
  • Safety Door Switches automatically sets parking Brakes when doors are opened. Park Brakes must be Manually released
  • Wheel Locks supplied as Standard (2 piece)
  • Spare Wheel (1 piece) supplied as standard
  • Starter Motor relay included preventing excessive Cranking or Starter Motor Engagement whilst Engine is running
  • Large Truck type reversing Mirrors fitted (2 piece)
  • Reverse Alarm fitted


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