International Mining

The GHH Group has a large, competitive low profile and narrow-vein offering through its investments in GHH Fahrzeuge, Mine Master, GHH Mining Machines and Peru’s Overprime.

This covers applications from load and haul, to drilling and bolting, to utility vehicles, supporting both hard-rock and soft-rock mining operations in both development and production applications around the world.

The GHH low-profile LHDs – the SLP-5 and SLP-6 – are built on simple, reliable and proven technology with extremely low operating costs and a robust frame to cater for harsh underground hard-rock mining conditions, according to the company.

The SLP-8, meanwhile, boasts a digital platform that provides operators and shift bosses with machine analytics potential. It also comes with an ergonomic operator compartment, GHH said. “The SLP-8 is the only true 8 t loader in its size class with excellent performance capabilities at a low running cost,” the company added.

The 14 t SLP-14H is the highest capacity low profile LHD in the world, according to the company. It comes with an ergonomically designed, air-conditioned, closed operator compartment, which boasts ample legroom and is equipped with a swivel seat (+/- 15 ) making it comfortable for the operator to drive in both directions. The loader is equipped with an articulated swivel hinge, effectively reducing the height, and improving performance, while the hydrostatic drivetrain allows for a further height reduction due to the removal of conventional drivetrain components.

The maximum height of the SLP-14H is in line with the tyre diameter – even the canopy is positioned lower than the tyres to reduce the “envelope of rupture”. The loader also has low maintenance costs per operating hour, GHH says.

Looking towards operating intelligence, the SLP-14H is fitted with TIMO (tip mode), semiautonomous bucket filling mode, a bucket shaker for emptying the bucket in low-profile sections of the mine, bucket weighing system, camera system (rear and side) for improved visibility, and digital analytics. It is also automation ready, GHH says.

“The SLP-14H is a 100% customised loader for highly productive mines with heights of less than 2,000 mm,” the company said. GHH’s low-profile loaders have excellent weight distribution, resulting in better loading characteristics and increased component and tyre life, according to the company. Improved torque helps up-dip loading performance, while the bucket design configurations ensure improved loading cycle times and bucket and boom life.

GHH has local production and aftermarket service support based in Southern African where the largest global footprint of underground hardrock low profile mines exists. “This provides not only for an excellent understanding of the customer needs – being right on the doorstep of the relevant mining industry – but also allows for far quicker deliveries and quick customer support,” it says.

When it comes to narrow-vein load and haul applications, GHH’s LF-3 can be used at not only deep level gold mines but also high-altitude operations. The LF-3 is relatively new, only recently entering the Australia, Turkey, Latin America and, most recently, Zimbabwe markets. It has proven to be extremely robust, reliable, and cost-effective to run, the company says.

The soon to be launched LF-7, meanwhile, will be the largest narrow vein loader within the GHH portfolio, with 3.6 cu.m bucket, best-in-class power of 164 kW and an ability to operate at 25% grade, the company said.